1Earth Web Creations
Explain the Purpose of Your Site 

What is the purpose of your website (selling goods, advertising, building awareness)?  This will help us plan a good design for your business.

Confirm the Navigation Structure of the Site 

Once the design is agreed on, we will enter all the menus and links and you confirm that the site will do what you want it to.

Submit the Content for Your Site 

Now comes the fun part - making the site your own!  We take the content you have submitted for each page and enter it onto the site.  If you need help writing some material, we can do that too.

Preview Publish and Testing

We will preview the completed site, test all components and make any necessary corrections to ensure everything is working correctly.

Your Website Goes Live

Last step!  Of course, remember that your website is a living document and can change whenever you need it to.  Just let us know and we will complete your edits in a timely manner. 

Select Your Logo & Colour Scheme, Layout & Design 

Send us your company logo and/or your preferred colour scheme. We will take the colours you choose and base your website design on those.  Once we have prepared an idea for a design, we will let you preview it, before your unique content is added.  At this point, we will discuss the general organization and look of your website.

If you don't have a logo, we can design a basic logo for you.  We will check back with you before anything is finalized.

Choose Your Domain Name

This is the www.???.com of your site.  We may need several options and will perform a search to make sure your name is available before registering it.

the website process