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Shopping Carts, Accept Online Payments

Have your own online store, or accept payment for courses, registrations securely with PayPal.

Other Options

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Web Sites

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Logo, Business Card and Brochure Design

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Real Estate Listing Service

We can arrange effective real estate listing services where you can update the listings yourself anytime.

Online Appointment Booking, Restaurant Reservations, Online Course or Event Registration

Give your clients the luxury of booking appointments and restaurant reservations from the comfort of their home.  Sign up for classes or register for an event anytime, anywhere.  

Blog & Social Networking Feeds (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

This is a fun way to show how many Facebook followers you have, or show what is happening on your Twitter feed, or the latest entries from your blog.  This automatically keeps your site fresh, current and changing, increasing your search engine ranking and attracting customers.

Video Inserts & Slide Galleries
Embed a YouTube video or photo gallery into your site to feature yourself talking about your business, to portray a special event, or feature your products.
Photo Editing, Logo Design

We can edit any supplied photos and logos to suit the website.  Don't have a logo?  Let us design one for you.

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